What to do when the warning lights come on

By 22nd January 2016Food for thought

Today’s cars are full of electronics which in turn operate a series of sensors which monitor all sorts of parts of your vehicle to ensure everything is working as it should be.

With winter still very much with us the last thing you want is your car to breakdown so what should you do if a warning light suddenly flashes up on your dashboard?

In this article Master Technician John Richards, who’s expertise helps the customers of Powells Garage, offers his advice on what you should do when a warning light comes on:

“If something does go wrong, it’s not easy sometimes to know what it is that the warning light is trying to tell you.

The most common warning lights are for : Brake systems and brake fluid, Power Steering, Coolant levels, Oil, Battery, Tyre Pressure and Engine.

Whatever warning light comes on you m ustn’t ignore it or you risk damage to that part of the vehicle but more importantly you run the risk of your car being unsafe to drive.

Check your manual to be certain what the warning light is telling you and then take the necessary action which could be simply topping up fluids, inflating tyres or adding some oil.

If it’s the engine warning light then you need to take your car to a garage to get it checked over. Here at Powell’s we have the skills, experience and equipment to do diagnostic checks on all makes of cars, and of all ages, including the very latest makes and models.  We will do a free check for you so you can know what the problem is. Often it’s a minor problem that can be fixed whilst you wait.”

If you are experiencing warning lights coming on simply call into Powells Garage on the Barncoose roundabout or telephone Powells on 01209 215755.