Time for Motorhome Servicing

By 6th February 2017Motorhomes

Spring is here so now is the perfect time for motorhome owners to have their vehicle serviced in readiness for hitting the open road.

If you are planning trips in your motorhome in 2017 then the last thing you want to find out just before you head off on your adventure is that the tyres need changing, or the engine isn’t sounding great or the brake pads have worn away or deteriorated through lack of use during the winter.

So now is the time to have your motorhome fully serviced so that it is ready for the year ahead.

Here at Powells Garage we have become recognised as the leading local place for motorhome servicing, particularly as our substantial workshops can easily cope with any sized motorhome.

We also fit custom built stainless steel exhausts to motorhomes. These are becoming increasingly popular as they will last for the lifetime of the vehicle, which saves the expense of needing to replace the exhaust system every few years. It is also therefore a great selling point when the vehicle is sold.

Stainless steel exhausts also have significant green credentials as they will get rid of the vehicle’s exhaust gas more efficiently which means the engine has to work less hard thus reducing the amount of fuel used.

To book your motorhome service please call us on 01209 218800.