Children’s car games

By 30th October 2015Gaming

Keep the kids entertained for hours with these car games

Estimate the Arrival Time
Beginning at the very start of the trip, before you ever pull out of the driveway, have each player guess the exact time to the minute that you’ll pull into the driveway of your destination. Let the person who is the closest be the winner, who gets to pick something special. Maybe the first ride everyone goes on, what movie they get to watch, etc.

Points for What You See
Divide the riders into two teams, those sitting on the left side of the car, those on the right. If there’s riders in the middle, they can play for either team at any time. Make a list of different things you may see out the windows along the drive, and assign a point to each of those things, making the more common sights less value than those that will be harder to find (ie: a cow = 1 point a yellow stretch limo might = 50 points) One team captain is responsible for writing down the points. This is a great opportunity to be observant and learn about landscapes, farm land, etc for that part of the country you’re driving through.

Can’t Say a Word or You Lose Your Clips
This is the road trip spin on a classic baby shower game. Each rider starts with one or more paper clips. A word is determined before the trip starts that will be taboo. If a player says it and another hears it, they can take that players clip. They can earn clips back by listening closely and catching another player when they slip up.

Listen and Draw
Everyone has a paper and pencil and one person is “it”. Without showing anyone their paper, “it” draws a picture, and explains what it looks like as they draw it. Everyone else draws their version of the picture being described without peeking at the others. In the end, the person with the drawing closest to the original by “it” wins and gets to describe the next picture.

Photo scavenger hunt
Either play by teams or individually, and photograph items from a list. First team or person to photo everything on the list wins.

ABC memory
Starting with the letter A, the first person says “I went to the store and bought an APPLE” (or whatever word they want to use that begins with the letter A). The next player has to repeat what was said before, adding another item on that begins with the next letter of the alphabet “I went to the store and bought an APPLE and a BUTTON” Rotate around the car until you get to the letter Z.

Speak in Pig Latin
Oo-day Oou-yay Ooo-knay Oww-hay Oo-tay Eak-spay N-ay Iglatin-pay?

Anagram license plates
Find a license plate, and each person takes a turn making a phrase using the letters and numbers on the plate

ABC sign game
Try to find words on signs starting with each letter of the alphabet A-Z in consecutive order.

Story telling in rotation
One person starts a few lines of a story, then rotate around the car until each person has had a chance to tell a bit of the story. Let is go a few rotations and see how funny and wacky it can be. Mix it up a bit and so that the person telling the story has to use something they currently see out the window as part of the storyline.

I Spy
Have the person who is “it” spy something in the car, and each player takes turns guessing what they’ve spied. This is great for little kids, it’s easy for them to play and they love guessing.

Who can find it?
Similar to I Spy, but the person who is “it” thinks of something completely random (ie: a yellow jeep, a man with a ball cap) that’s not currently in the car, and the first person to spot that thing is “it” next. This one also works well when you’re in the grocery store or mall trying to keep little ones occupied, not just on a road trip.

Guess Who?
Similar to 20 questions, but played about a particular person that everyone would know. It could be a family member, friend, celebrity, etc. The person who is “it” can only answer in yes or no. If it’s your turn, you can either ask a question, or guess the identity, but not both.

The person who is it asks silly questions, and the person answering can’t smile or laugh, and only answer with the word tomato. If they laugh, smile, or answer with anything other than tomato, they’re out. Last one in is the next to be “it”.

Would you Rather?
Someone asks a random question (ie: Would you rather eat a bug, or step on one with bare feet?) Each person gets a chance to answer and give their reasons why if they want.