Classic Sunbeam fitted with modern stainless steel exhaust.

By 21st May 2016Exhausts

Every so often when you are an exhaust fitter you work on the sort of car you dream about owning.

This happened recently when a classic car enthusiast arrived with a beautiful 1950 Sunbeam Talbot Cabriolet.

Head of tyres and exhausts at Powell’s Paul Richards explains what happened next :

“The Sunbeam was in excellent condition with the exception of the exhaust system which clearly needed replacing. Mr Stacey was keen to fit a stainless steel exhaust system knowing that this would give him a system that would last for the lifetime of the vehicle, is greener than a normal exhaust, is more fuel efficient, and with it’s brilliant shine and polished finish looks fantastic.

We also cut out part of the rear chassis leg in order to replace part of the shock absorber mount. We were delighted to be involved with such a great looking and classic car and it was a real pleasure to work with Mr Stacey who has kept the vehicle in such pristine condition.”

Powell’s are also Cornwall’s only approved fitter of the fuel efficient Vortex exhaust system and have recently started offering engine remapping which improves both vehicle fuel efficient and performance.

For further information about stainless steel, Vortex and conventional exhausts systems, including exhausts for motorhomes please call Paul at Powells Garage on 01209 215 755 for a free no obligation estimate.