Free Winter Tyre Checks

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Make sure your tyres won’t let you down this winter. Call in anytime for a free check or for tyre advice please call Paul on 01209 218800.

Time for Winter Servicing

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No matter what type of vehicle you have now is the time to ensure it is ready for winter. Call us on 01209 215755 to book your service or free winter check.

Is your car ready for Christmas?

With just a few weeks now to Christmas the race is on to find all those Christmas presents you need to buy, to start preparing the cards you need to send and to think about the parties you are going to either host or attend.

For many people though Christmas means being on the move. It means travelling to visit and stay with relatives and friends.

And for some this can be the biggest single trip they take in their car all year. So is your car ready for its big Christmas journey?

In this article Pete Woodbridge of Powells Garage at Redruth offers some tips and advice on how to make sure your car won’t let you down when it comes to that big Christmas journey:

  1. Check your tyre tread. Your tyres will have wear indicators on them in between the tyre grooves. You must have at least 1.6mm of tread across 75% of your tyre not only to be safe but to be legal. If you can’t find the wear indicators or find it hard to do the check just turn up at Powells and we’ll do a quick free check for you. Running on tyres with treads below 1.6mm is not only illegal but makes for potentially dangerous driving in winter.
  1. Look for damage to the tyres. Cuts, lumps and bumps are often caused by an impact between the tyre and a kerb, pothole or object in the road. On the rural roads in Cornwall it is easy to pick up some tyre damage, especially from hazards you may encounter on country lanes. If you spot cuts or anything that looks out of place drop into Powells and we’ll check the tyres for you.
  1. Check your oil, antifreeze, brake fluid and washer levels. Make sure all your engine fluid levels are topped up utilising the right ones for your particular car or vehicle.
  1. Check your car battery. Cold and damp weather is a battery killer. There’s little worse than the mechanical groan when you turn the key caused by a dying car battery. If your battery is struggling to start your car, the chances are it’s on its way out. You can check the battery yourself or bring it to Powells and we’ll do a while you wait free check for you.
  1. Are your lights all working? This sounds obvious but it’s so easy to not be aware that you have a bulb that is either about to go or has gone. Make sure you have a couple of spares with you just in case.
  1. What are your wiper blades like?  As we all know in Cornwall driving in the rain is something we get used to but when was the last time you checked your wiper blades?
  1. Book a pre-Christmas Service To be absolutely sure your vehicle is fully ready for your big Christmas trip it is worth considering a pre-Christmas service to cover all of the above.

Powells Garage at Redruth offer free Christmas checks. Simply call into Powells on the Barncoose roundabout or telephone 01209 215755.

Southampton Pick Up

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This vehicle started its journey in New York – took a sea crossing to Southampton where we picked it up and delivered to its new owner. If you need vehicles transporting please give us a call.

Stainless Steel Exhaust for Lotus

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Dual purpose interchangeable 3 inch stainless steel sports cat and de cat exhaust system fitted to road / track Lotus Elise.

When Nick Rendle from Helston approached Powells Garage he had a double challenge for them. Following an engine conversion his Lotus Elise required an easily interchangeable 3 inch exhaust system so he could use one system on the road and the other when racing the Lotus on the track.

The team at Powells rose to the challenge and fitted a 3 inch system with a sports cat and a de cat enabling Mr Rendle to easily switch systems depending on where he was driving.

Powells tyre and exhaust expert Paul Richards commented:

“The Lotus was a great car to work on even though the minimal access we had to the exhaust system challenged our dexterity and workshop agility! We are delighted that Mr Rendle elected to work with us and by choosing the stainless steel system he has a system that will last for the lifetime of the vehicle, is greener than a normal exhaust, is more fuel efficient, and with it’s brilliant shine and polished finish will look fantastic both on the road and the track”.

Paul went on to say ”Both Mr Rendle and ourselves are delighted with the outcome and we look forward to working with other customers who have similar unique exhaust system needs”

Vehicle owners, including those with mobile homes, are increasingly recognising the benefits of having a custom fitted stainless steel exhaust.

A stainless steel exhaust will last for the lifetime of the vehicle, which as cars and motorhomes keep going for longer saves the expense of needing to replace the exhaust system every few years. It is also therefore a great selling point when the vehicle is sold.

Stainless steel exhausts also have significant green credentials as they will get rid of the vehicle’s exhaust gas more efficiently which means the engine has to work less hard thus reducing the amount of fuel used. Stainless exhausts look great as they have a brilliant shine and a polished finish which is easily maintained.

No wonder vehicle owners travel far and wide to come to Powells to have a custom made stainless steel exhaust made on-site. Indeed a number of customers have booked their stainless exhaust replacement to coincide with their holiday in Cornwall!

We have free courtesy cars and vans available, so customers can leave their vehicle with us and return on completion of the exhaust fabrication.

The stainless steel that is used is of superior quality, It is bent and flared with a special heavy duty machine, that allows the operator to accurately duplicate the shape and perspective of the original exhaust.

Powells Garage carry out custom stainless steel exhaust replacement on all types of vehicles, cars, vans, motorhomes, vintage vehicles, sports vehicles and even motorbikes.

All our exhausts are manufactured to the very highest standard and carry a lifetime guarantee.

For further information about stainless steel, as well as conventional, exhausts systems including those for motorhomes, please call Paul Richards at Powells Garage on 01209 215 755 for a free no obligation estimate.


Pete & Ian join the team

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We are delighted that Pete (Service) and Ian (Sales) have joined the Powells team. With many years of experience between them Pete and Ian are already making a big difference and look forward to helping customers new and old.



Beach beware!

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Sometimes the sand can look so inviting to drive on to ….we were quickly on hand to rescue this driver who got stuck…