Air Conditioning

Nearly all modern cars have air-conditioning and like the other mechanical parts of your car it requires regular servicing to keep it in optimum condition to help avoid expensive repair bills.

It is recommended that you use your air-conditioning at least once a month to circulate the refrigerant gas inside the system. Over time your vehicle can lose pressure in the air-con system (upto 20% a year) reducing the cooling effect in the car.

At Powells Garage we have the equipment and knowledge to keep your air-conditioning system in perfect working order to help you keep your cool on those days when the sun is shining.

When we carry out an air-con service the system is placed under vacuum to totally remove the gas and any residual moisture. We then recharge the gas with the exact amount for your vehicle’s specific requirements. We also add a UV dye to the system to aid leak detection in the future.