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October 2016

Z4 in for Stainless Exhaust

By | Exhausts

This BMW Z4 was a star attraction recently when it came in for a stainless exhaust system. As Powell’s Paul Richards explained ‘Stainless Steel exhausts continue to grow in popularity for a whole range of vehicles as they will last for the lifetime of the vehicle, which as cars and motorhomes keep going for longer saves the expense of needing to replace the exhaust system every few years. It is also therefore a great selling point when the vehicle is sold.

Stainless steel exhausts also have significant green credentials as they will get rid of the vehicle’s exhaust gas more efficiently which means the engine has to work less hard thus reducing the amount of fuel used. Finally stainless exhausts look great as they have a brilliant shine and a polished finish which is easily maintained.’

Powell’s are also Cornwall’s only approved fitter of the fuel efficient Vortex exhaust system and have recently started offering engine remapping which improves both vehicle fuel efficient and performance.

For further information about stainless steel, Vortex and conventional exhausts systems, including exhausts for motorhomes please call Paul at Powells Garage on 01209 215 755 for a free no obligation estimate.